WD My Book External Hard Drive does not boot up

I have an older WD My Book Hard Drive. The issue is that when you power it up you can only hear a faint clicking sound and you don’t see any lights on the front of the My book. I went ahead and removed the actual hard drive from the casing and installed it on a external hard drive reader. My desktop recognized it right away and I was able to view all my files without an issue. I then reconnected the Hard drive to the WD my book again. Only this time I just connected it to the power supply unit. I could hear the hard drive start for a second and then a light ticking sound. I know that the hard drive itself will function (as tested), but I’m not sure what may be happening with the power/data reader of the My Book. Has anyone else ran into this? Thanks!

Hi Supernosty,

It looks like your WD My book casing in gone bad. As your drive is out of warranty, you can use a new external hard drive case for your WD drive. You can buy it from any local or online electronic store.

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