WD My Book Essential (Starts and Stops Randomly)

Dear community

My 2Tb My Book Essentials has suddenly developed an issue , where is starts and stops working randomly. Have 4 partitions on the disk and my pc gives that disconnected sound and all the partitions become unavailable, after few secs or minutes that reconnected sounds comes on and drives sometimes work for few minutes and sometimes just disconnect before i can even open a folder. Since i use the drive to store my personal data and use it daily with my laptop , i cant seem to backup the data from My Book Essentials to my PC hard drive cause it fails midway during copy. I was suggested by a friend to remove the hard and install it as internal drive which seemed reasonable and i proceed in doing so. Pc detects the hard disk in disk management as raw hard drive and wants to initialize (cant initialize as it will wipe out all the data). So any method of backing up the data?? I think that the USB-Sata PCB board inside the WD case is the culprit (but then again i maybe wrong).

Require your help and assistance.

No one ? hmmmm

I would suggest contacting a certified data recovery service company.