WD My Book Elite 1tb Slow or just Bad Product?

15mbps transfer speed out of the box.

I am wondering if the warranty is void if used as internal drive?

Also, Noticed the drive model from Aida64 without even opening external is WD10EADS, A green drive, I noticed the seagate greens were horrible, Am i to expect the same type of reliability issues, If so, Should i be only using this drive as an offline backup.

Did you try different ports on the PC? Also try plugging directly into wall and not a power strip. Make sure you’re not using it in a hub. Ports on back of desktops sometimes work better. What OS are you using?


I have tried the usb 3.0 slots and 2.0 slots, with everything unplugged but keyboard and mouse. I am running a portable 500gb external from years ago and it runs at 28-32mbps. I have tried switching the data cable as people have advised… I have noticed the speed can go up to 22mbps on this external as ive moved my entire backup to it, Im not worried so much abuot reliability but the speed, Do i void warranty using this external drive as an internal one? I picked afew of these drives, They seem very nice esp considering the price i paid for new sealed, Im just guessing since they are usb 2.0 thats why my speed is slow… I use Win7 x64 Pro and Mac OSX Snow Leopard 10.6.7 Clean installs on solid states.

Opening the drive does void the warranty. Yeah about 18-20 is more common for the USB 2.0 speed on these drives with large files.