I need Your HELP
I just bought 16 TB USB 3.1 drive and it looks like 3x slower than my two MY BOOK USB 3.0 8GB each
I use Black Magic Design SPEED TEST

HB Z800 with 4 port USB 3.1 CARD from STARTech
older WD MYBOOK DUO working fine and have correct speed. 96mb/sec

New MYBOOK DUO 16 TB have 35mb/sec as mirror and also as stripe
Now i try to make “Individual Drives” mode ( JBOD ) … and it takes no half hour and still working.

New Firmware is loaded
Any ideas?
Any Help

Are you using WD BAckup or WD Smartware?

I’m not sure about WD Smartware (Not using anymore), but WD Backup does take a long time for the first one. Over a day is common. WD Backup makes two full copies of the selected files,
one call History and the other called Volume. Volume contains the actual copies. History seems to keep track of changes to the files. Maybe this is affecting your measured speed.


Thanks for your Reply.
In meantime I remove all devices and clean all devices ( thanks free devicecleanup software )
Couple of times change PCI slot and many times reinstall driver … and now WD WORKS very fast
I meantime about eight times make stripe and mirror …
FOR NOW I dont know what fix it. Lost whole day.
It make me crazy.
Cross fingers !!!
Clients no wait forever

Hi Kinetik,

Thank you for telling us about your success. This could be very helpful, as many people have reported slow transfer from PC to HDD. If you do figure out what you did, Please make a post.