My Book Elite 1TB SUPER, SUPER SLOW... How to transfer files and format drive?

Hi all, I bought a WD My Book Elite 1TB drive two months ago. I filled it up 800GB full of work stuff. All of a sudden two weeks ago the drive became brutally slow to the point where Windows 7 barely was able to display any of the files, I had to wait several minutes, to get full directory listing. To transfer files from WD to harddrive, the rate was 900 bytes/sec to 1.5 kb/sec MAX speed. I tried to defrag the drive and after 9 hours it was at 1%. I tried to turn off indexing and after several hours it barely moved. What can be the matter? I tried front/back USB ports, replacing USB cable… I need to get my data off the drive ASAP.

Hi, I have same problem as you. I want ask you how you solve this problem?