Transfer rate of WD MyBook Essential 1.5TB is too slow

Hey there. The transfer rate for the hard drive is really slow. Just for a 1GB file would take atleast an hour or 2. My 4GB thumb drive can finish that in 4 mins or 3. I’ve tested this on all my computers at home and it’s same result. Hard drive is plugged in the wall socket. I’ve tested on 2.0 USB ports and 3.0 USB ports. It’s even slower on 3.0 USB port. When I import files into the hard drive it’s a little faster. But when I receive files from the hard drive, it’s slower than ever. Overall, it should not be taking this long. Just a note, when it starts recieving it says it will complete in maybe 45 secs to a minute, but once it reaches 3/4ths the way through it slows down tremendously to 1mb or less of transfer rate. I don’t know what the deal with that is. Everything else, works great. I don’t use the Smartsoftware because I don’t want to go through a hassle for simple data reference. I just use for plug and instantly use. I noticed other people are having the same problem. I tested the Hard drive on windows 7 and Windows XP systems. Any help would be appreciated. I’m planning on calling support to see if they have any tips to help this issue. Otherwise I’ll need a replacement hard drive. Thanks. :slight_smile:

*Edit* I could be exagerating a bit. Could someone tell me the Originally what the file transfer rate should be? And how long a 1Gb file should take.

I think is kind of slow, you might need to call WD to replace the unit.

Yea, I got a bad drive, So for anyone who gets like 7Mb and lower, It’s a bad drive. RMA is the only option. Thanks.