WD My Book Drive Unlocker not running - can't access drive even though it's seen in WD Discovery

I have a 3TB My Book which was encrypted with Drive Unlocker. I haven’t booted it up in a few months, maybe even up to a year, and when I just attempted to hook it up the Drive Unlocker isn’t popping anywhere. Auto-unlock was never enabled. I know I’ve changed a ton of software/settings on my computer, so I don’t know if this is a software issue, or a hardware one…

The drive spins up fine, is detected by Windows 10 on multiple PC’s (shows up as “Eject My Book” in the hardware/media tray icon, and makes the USB device connected successfully sound) - but DOES NOT show up anywhere in Windows disk management or even 3rd party partition management software (tried mini-tool) - this goes for both the drive itself and the Drive Unlocker VHD partition…

I also installed SES driver, WD Tools, WD SmartWare, WD Security, and WD Discovery software. Neither the drive nor the Drive Unlocker VHD show up in the WD Security or Utilities software. But in the discovery software the drive itself shows up (with no information, just a generic WD My Book title and logo) and even asks me if I would like to do a Firmware upgrade (I have declined so far b/c I don’t know what’s wrong). But there’s no prompt anywhere on how to unlock…

I’m at my wits end on this… Any help/advice will be much appreciated.

Hello ufcfc,
Maybe you should check first the compatibility of the model that you have with the Windows 10, old models are not compatible.
Then try either with the WD security, i mean to install it again and try to open it and take out the password like the article bellow:


Or you can also try with the smartware:

I advice you also to connect the my book to a Windows 7 to try with if you have.
good luck :robot::robot:

Hello. I am having the same problem. I have a my passport for mac, and Unlocker is not popping up. It was working fine, then one day out of the blue it stopped working. Complete HELL!!! I am very upset. My portable WD my passport is under a year. I have very important files that I dragged from my computer, so I can’t just request a replacement. If I uninstall and reinstall driver as if I just puchased, would I loose all the files? What else can be done?
This is the second time I buy WD external drive. I had a similar problem with the 1st one some years back. Unfortunately, my brain forgot about that first experience. I will NEVER AGAIN forget!

Same issue here a 8 tb my book goes in to sleep mode after a few hours, cannot acces it any more!
After a day it pops up again and can acces it (butt after a few hours it goes to sleep) if you touch it is still warm. it shows up in finder, in wd discovery its says 80%.
Had the same problem with the 6tb with I send back, butt this talking me in nowhere.
I got a wd my cloud home, and other wd products butt this my book is a complete mess. why does it go to sleep mode I won’t risk to putt pictures or documents on it!

Hi there, i think its related to the update on mac for the new OS mojave 10.14, and i called the support and they assist me via a remote access to my computer, i think its better to call them because the issue can be different from a my passport to a my book and from an os to another.

Good luck