WD My Book (8TB) Noise Question

I bought WD My Book (8TB) from Amazon.
Model name is WDC WD80EZAZ.

I just received it a few days ago, and I set it up and used it today.

Chik dddddddddddh sounds regularly when driving.

DiskInfo results are normal.
This is normal when SCAN on the WD Drive Utilities.

I recorded the sound. Please listen.
dddddddddd. This sounds regularly.

I’ve moved all the files from the other hard drive, but there’s no error.
There was no problem other than noise.

Is it normal?


Hi haha1945,

WD 8TB and above are using newer technology than previous. In this new technology WD drives operate cooler and deliver better overall performance: however, the newer drives can deliver higher acoustic levels during seek time compared to WD lower capacity drives. You can have a look on below articles for further details.

Moreover, you can run a Quick Test and Complete Drive Test to check the performance of the drive. If fails, recommend taking data backup immediately to prevent data loss issues.