WD My Book 6 TB issues

Anyone else been having this issue with Mac / Big Sur and WD My Book? I’m experiencing frequent disconnects and unmounting of my 1 month old WD MyBook 6TB WDBBGB0060HBK. The drive for some reason powers down on it’s own and won’t come back on unless I unplug the power cable and plug it back in. I can see folders and directories, but when I click a file nothing happens until I unplug the drive and re-power it. The disconnection is random and happens often – even with all power saving and disk sleep settings on my Mac disabled. All other drives – external, SSD, etc – on my 2 year old Mac running Big Sur work perfectly. Any help, ideas, suggestions appreciated!

That happens with windows as well as with macbooks

Check to be sure the AC adapter is connected and its possible corrosion exists on it. So wipe the power plug with an eraser before plugging it back in.

I’ll try that, but I made sure the power adapter and connector into the drive were fine and firmly in place. It’s also barely 2 months old.

Anyway, I will give the eraser trick a try. I’m also re-formatting the drive today once I copy all the data out of it. My gut tells me the hard drive itself is fine, the problem is with the internal circuits, controller or enclosure. Thanks for your suggestion.

I do not recommend using a USB drive for primary storage, a NAS is a safer option

This faulty 6 TB My Book is my archive/backup drive – I also have a Synology NAS and a number of Thunderbolt SSD drives. Still want this drive to work properly given I just bought it :frowning:

Anyway, I’m reformatting it right now and testing it over the next few days. If this continues though it’s going back to WD!

some of the disks here came from a USB box that was dodgy.

copying the files from that to a 2.5" disk seems to be the safest hard disk are not archival

use a blu ray for archival