Wd metal passport won't come on


I have a WD Passport 1TB that won’t come on after my laptop overheated, its done this once before and after awhile of plugin it in it came on, but now it’s doing the same thing, I think the data’s safe but I think it’s a power issue, maybe the cord? the light does not come on either. and the drive make’s little noises you can faintly hear. also when I plug it in, it **bleep** all the power from the port causing any by it to not work(like my mouse) but when I unplug it, it works fine again but I’m not sure what I should do?

Any thoughts?

Thank you. 

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Does it work in other computers? Have you tried exchanging the Micro USB 3.0 cable with a standard Micro USB 2.0 cable to decrease the power requirements?