WD Media won't find My Cloud only Twonky Please Help

I have a 4tb my cloud that i have connect to my Mac, iPhones and WD media Players. Currently i can view all folders and files on the Mac and iPhone as i would normally but for some reason it no longer shows on my media player. Instead i now get Twonky sever by WD My Cloud. When i select this as my media source there are no files being found.

Yesterday the connection between my ADSL modem and My Cloud was disconnected and this seems to now be happening since i reconnect the LAN into the Modem. I have very basic computer knowledge when it comes to all of this and i am really struggling to understand what Twonky is and why is it now showing up and effecting my setup.

I would really appreciate if some could please assist me with how i can get rid of Twonky and gain my normal connect back between media player and my cloud.

If it’s showing Twonky instead of file shares on the WDTV, it’s because you’ve set your content source to “Media Server” instead of “Network Share.”

Hi Tony thank you for that information. As I said in my post I have very basic skills and understanding, so to change this to make it work how do I change this on my wd media player or is this change required on my my cloud?

On your media player by pressing the red button while browsing videos.

I have done this but under network share it has Mac or Windows. I select Mac and then mycloud it asks for a username and password. I do not recall ever creating a username anyway of finding out what it is. Also I tried connect to the my cloud through my smart tv via wifi and does the same thing advising no connection via twonky sorry to be a pain I just want to fix this issue

Hi Tony success I was able to get onto my dashboard and create the username and password. It has connected through Mac share on networking but it is a lot slower in response when going through files and loading video. Is this because it is running from my Mac instead of directly from the mycloud.

Anyway thank you for all of your assistance

I’m not sure about that. I don’t use a Mac. It should be discoverable under “Windows” on the WD TV…

Ok I will check that out as well and see what happens. Again thank u for all of the assistance