WD Media Player wont play continuously:URGENT

Tried to use the method of continuous play, it was working fine till 2 errors came up

  • No media files exist in these folders
  • Certain extension of the files won’t play, see your manual for more information. Can’t play the following files:
    I’m don’t have much PC knowledge, so can someone simplify the solution as much as possible.

This is as simple as I can make it. Turn off (unplug) your WDTV and in a minute plug it back in. This reboots the system and may help it play right again,

It worked for about an hour but then reverted back to the two errors and stopped complete like before the reboot. Any other solution you have available for me?

My guess is it’s hitting a file with corrupted contents and it crashes the internal media player process (though the GUI will still function.)

Only thing I can suggest is to see if you can narrow down which file(s) start the problem.

Do you think I need a new wd live media player to replace my old one to solve my problem?

I can’t answer that. It’s been close to three years now since I stopped using WDTV in favor of Kodi.

How much does a Kodi media player cost compared to the WD Live media player?

Do NOT go “Buy” a Kodi Media Player. The peddlers that sell those are often crooks that install illegal software. Kodi Developers go nuts over these folks because they quite often promote piracy.

What you do is buy your own hardware, and then you install Kodi on it.

You can run Kodi natively in Linux, Android, and Windows.

Or you can download pre-packaged distributions like OpenELEC, LibreELEC, etc and run it on any number of hardware platforms.

Depending on your needs, it can be anything as small as a Raspberry Pi ($50 for a whole kit), a Amazon Fire Stick, or any upwards of $1000 for a full HTPC setup. It’s all up to you.

All I can tell you is that Kodi is as simple as you might want, but it can also support very complex setups if you need.

Go over to www.kodi.tv and have a look around.

Ajj good advice from Tony, above.
I will add that when I needed another WDTV after they had been discontinued, I used my Amazon Fire TV stick to play my media files with Kodi installed. A short while later Amazon released an Amazon version of Kodi called MrMC that is more user friendly to install and easy to use and continue to use.

If you search these forums for MrMC, I posted some threads here about it which would be helpful to you.

Can you post the treads here please mike27oct

Here is a thread of mine.

Also, go to the MrMC website at https://mrmc.tv/

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I’m from Australia so, will be an issue if I buy the unit here or in the states?

I would check a firmware rollback also as well as playing each file individually to see if one is corrupt as mentioned but also possibly use a thumbdrive like we do and play one file at a time