Problem with WDTV Live Streaming Media Player

Whenever I try to watch a video file from my WD easy store 4 TB external memory the video starts to load but then stops. This is only happening with new videos put in the external memory, any old video files will load without a problem. Maybe I installed an update and now it won’t play any new files? I don’t understand.

Whenever I click the video file it will take me to this loading screen and then kick me back to the previous screen. It seems like it’s making an attempt to play the file but can’t.

Hi all, my problem is not the same as the one above let me say that first off. After this latest Windows 10 update which of course did away with the homegroup and turned off all your sharing and all of that which by the way I’ve already gone in and turned on everything in the permissions my issue is this when I boot my WD TV Live you get the Western Digital logo then it goes black then it comes up and says format not supported we’re right before the update I was watching my content and my movies. When I reboot the Western Digital TV live I get the logo then the screen goes black then it comes back up and says format not supported. I never get to a main menu and ever get to any settings and this is brand new I have done a hard reset I have used the little reset button underneath the machine I still get the exact same thing any suggestions?