WD Live & NAS problems

I have a HD Live with the latest firmware and also 2 Hammer HN1200 NAS drives.  I store all of my HD TP files on the NAS, but can’t view any of them.  I can view the folders and such, but it always says no media found.  I can copy the exact same file to a PC on the network and it plays fine! I can view the demo MP3 files on the NAS so they play fine.  Why will this work on some files but not others.  The TP files come right from a MyHD tuner card on a XP computer right to the “media library” folder on the NAS drive.  Any ideas? 

What format are the files in ?

Windows media center outputs files in two different formats depending on the version  that are unique MS formats.

.WTV is the current format and cannot be played on the Live without conversion, it only takes a short time to convert.

First download this program:


After you run it point to the directory that has the tv captures and it will convert them to dvr-ms that the WDLive can play.

Sorry I didn’t give enought details.  I record all of the TP files from a MyHD tuner card for OTA stations.  The files are a transport streams in MPEG2 format and TP files.

Like i said they play fine on the Live when i record them on my XP computer, but won’t if they are on the NAS.  My PC will play them from the C: drive or from the NAS with no problems, I just don’t have a ton of HD space on the PC and like the idea of a central backed up location of all my media files.