WD Live doesn't show all files

Set up:

Windows 7 64 bit

Cisco M20 Valet Plus

Cat6 hard wired from router to PC and WD Live

I have multiple folders:TV Shows, Movies, Music, Pictures,etc to keep the browsing easier on my WD Live.  When I go to my music folder, I can only see a handful of folders.  They are different every time.  It might show Tupac one day and the Wall Flowers the next.  The Music folder is on a different partition than the movies but I still have somewhat the same problem with movies.  If I download a new 720P movie (1080 movies only work about a 1/4 of the time) it will not show up for days in the Media Center options.  But they never disappear.  With my Music folder they show up periodicatly.  It doesn’t matter the format on movies.  mp4 and mkv do the same thing.  I have to move them to a local hard drive to watch them now. 

Another problem I have is I can’t access the network share.  I can use the PC as a media center no problem.  It works flawlessly.  But I cannot access the PC as a network share.  It sees it, but I can’t connect.

And the last problem is when I use my PC for wireless.  If my PC is wireless I can’t see it in the Media Center or the Network Share option. I only see my router.  But if I hook it up with Cat6 my Media Center option works, but still not Network Share. 

All of these problems started a month or so ago with a firmware update.  Any suggestions on any of these?

Ok new update.  I can’t see new mkv or mp4 files.  After about 3 days I can see new avi files in my media folder.  I can see my wd live on the network and push files to the local hard drive hooked up to it (including mkv and mp4 files) and have no trouble playing them.

And I have rebooted many times both the pc and the wd live.

I can’t tell what you’re talking about.   Are you using a MEDIA SERVER, or network shares/local storage?

If you’re using a Media Server, the issue is THERE.   The WDTV only displays what the server is telling it to display.  It does NOT have access to a file listing.  

Nothing explains how that could happen with Network Storage or local storage, though…