WD Help: a suggestion

The Dashboard includes a number of links to knowledge base articles.

These might be helpful if somebody hadn’t decided to re-jig the website addressing scheme so that the links don’t work. For instance, this link, copied from the dashboard:


ends up here:

If I search for ‘8526’, it finds this:

This problem is extant on v04.04.00-308 and earlier.

Rule 1 of website redesign:
If you want a page to remain accessible by established hyperlinks
i) don’t change the hyperlinks, or
ii) forward all old-style links to new style.

Rule 1 of product testing:
Check EVERY feature of your product before you ship it.

Come on, WD, this is amateurish stuff.

We appreciate the feedback and will pass along your recommendations.

Strangely, the first link works if you click on it directly, but not if you use ‘open in new tab’, and not if you copy and paste it into a new browser tab. It certainly doesn’t work if clicked in the Dashboard. This behaviour is consistent between Firefox and Chrome.

Some funny with open in same tab, vs open in new tab?