WD HDD have red down arrow in disk management

Hi WD community i have big problem here because i cannot use my WD My Passport Ultra after i unplug my wd hdd to a laptop and plug to my PC suddenly my PC dont read it.When i check in disk management my wdd is unallocated and have a red down arrow logo. i want to use my wd hdd again even my files will lost. I also try us easeus partition recovery and MiniTool Partition Wizard Professional Edition but the tools cant read it.



Are you concern about the data on the drive? If not, you can try using the WD Dlg tool to write zeros to the drive.

If you right click on top of disk 1, what options are you getting?

if i right click Disk 1 the option is offline,properties,help and initialize disk, but initialize disk is grey

I got the same problem. Please anyone can help?

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I have a same problem right now, I want to recover my data. It is very much important for me…any solution?

Hey did you fix the problem yet?

Why the ■■■■ is this issue coming up in the drive. I didnt use it for 1 year and it shows the same above error. Cant do anything, Why the ■■■■ are the company not providing any solutions or tools to erase and work on it. Idiots escaped since im from india, if it was EU. I would have dealt with the idiots using legal laws and compositions.

It sounds like you’re experiencing issues with your WD My Passport Ultra external hard drive. Here are some steps you can try to troubleshoot and potentially resolve the problem:

  1. Check Physical Connections: Ensure that the USB cable is securely connected to both the external hard drive and your PC. Try using a different USB port on your PC to see if it recognizes the drive.

  2. Try a Different PC: Connect the external hard drive to a different computer to see if it’s recognized there. This will help determine if the issue is specific to your PC or if it’s a problem with the drive itself.

  3. Disk Management: Since you mentioned that the drive appears as unallocated in Disk Management, you can try to reinitialize it. However, please note that this will result in data loss. If you’re okay with that, follow these steps:

    a. Right-click on the unallocated drive in Disk Management.

    b. Select “New Simple Volume” and follow the wizard to initialize the drive.

    c. Format the drive with the desired file system (e.g., NTFS).

    Be cautious, as this will erase all data on the drive.

  4. Data Recovery Software: Since you’ve already tried EaseUS Partition Recovery and MiniTool Partition Wizard, you could also try other data recovery software likestellar or Recuva to see if they can recover any lost partitions or files.

  5. Check for Drive Errors: You can use Windows’ built-in tools to check for drive errors:

    a. Open Command Prompt as an administrator.

    b. Type chkdsk /f X: (replace X with the drive letter assigned to your WD My Passport Ultra).

    c. Press Enter and follow the prompts to allow the scan to run. This will check and attempt to repair any file system errors.

  6. Test on Linux: In some cases, connecting the drive to a Linux system can help determine if the issue is related to Windows. Linux might be able to recognize the drive and its file system.

  7. Contact WD Support: If none of the above steps work, it’s possible that there could be a hardware issue with the drive itself. Contact Western Digital’s customer support for further assistance or warranty support.

Before attempting any of these steps, ensure you have a backup of your important data, if possible. If the data on the drive is crucial, you might want to consider seeking professional data recovery services to avoid further data loss.

Remember, there’s always a risk of data loss when dealing with storage device issues, so proceed with caution and prioritize data protection.