WD HDD Dropped


I was operating my 2TB WD Elements external hard drive as usual. Ive had it for about 7 months and it has worked wonderfully.

One day (today), i had tripped over the cables and the hard drive fell on the floor from the table (the table being around 30 cm off the ground).

Now when i plug it in the light flashes and it makes its hum (so its “moving”) but it would not be picked up. I tried it on a pc and 2 laptops and it is not being recognised at all.

My question is more of a plea of advice as to what i should do? Will the WD warranty place still accept it and replace it / fix it? Is the data recoverable? Can WD recover the data? Or should i seek the help of computershops?

Thanks for your time

Dropping it voids the warranty. Professional data recovery is probably the only way to get much back. If you consider that don’t try anything yourself it will make the problem worse. data recovery isn’t cheap either.