WD 3TB dropped, led light only briefly lights up, no sound, not working

Hi there,

I bought A WD 3.5" 3TB Elements Desktop USB2.0 External HDD a couple of months back, transferred all my video’s to it.

Dropped it on the floor last night. Led light only comes on briefly before disappearing again. There is no sound coming from it. The usb connection to it smells slightly fried.

It does not show up on my computer, or via the device manager.
I don’t have the receipt, did not register it for warrenty.
I’m on a shoestring budget.

I am not very Tech savy.

I get the impression there may be some sort of power short happenning.

Perhaps if I removed it from it’s casing and added it to a hdd docing bay, not that I have ever done anything like that before.

Or I could take to the computer store and see what they say.

It took a fair amount of time collecting those videos
Suggestions please.


Unfortunately, based on the information you have provided seems this drive is dead. And the only possible solution to recover the data would be a data recovery company.

Take a look at this link below in regards the warranty.

What would void the warranty on a WD drive