WD harddrive is not recognized by my laptop anymore - Problem Solved!

I just wanted to put up a post about the last few hours i spent troubleshooting why my harddrive was no longer being recognized by my laptop. I reckon i’ve read every post and tried every posted solution, but alas the light was blinking but nobdy was home. So despairing that it was dead and figuring out how much it was going to cost to get all the data off it and put on a new one, I tried one more simple thing. I plugged in a different power adapter, Woohoo!!! I NOW SEE YOU!! This may not be the solution that fixes it for you but give it a go could save you alot of time and heart ache. XXXXX

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Hi Amykl206, welcome to the WD community. Thanks for sharing, good to know you got it to work again.