WD Gold constantly spinning down and unable to save APM setting

I’ve purchased a new WD Gold 2TB disk (WD2005FBYZ).
The disk spins down and then spins up once in every several minutes. This is bad due to extended wear of the heads during unparking/parking, the motor and and the disk overall. The other problem is the long access time while it spins up.
The culprit is the APM setting which defaults to something like 90 and makes the disk to save power and behave as described.
When I set the APM setting to 254 or disable APM - no more spindowns. I tried CrystalDiskInfo and HDDScan to set the value.
But after powering down or entering/returning from suspend mode, the APM setting resets to the default value of 90! The spindowns continue!
This has nothing to do with the wdidle3 tool as the heads are not being parked on idling. Wdidle3 tool says the parking timer is off.
The problem is only with the APM.
The APM setting never saves when the disk loses power.

Is that a normal behavior? May it be a firmware bug? Should I go to warranty? Are all the WD Gold disks the same?

Can anything be done on the hardware level to prevent this nasty spindowns?

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I have the same problem, the drive is spinning down continually. But I don’t want it. It’s annoying lagging the pc while the harddrive is restarting. It’s not good to the drive btw, continually heating up, cooling down.

How about to make an HDD with your own hands.
I have read this complain at several forums all written by the same person.

WD Gold series this contain a huge pack of fresh technological advantages and new functions.
Next time get an HDD of the year 2005, that is a more simple mechanical design.

I was ready to consider first topic as fake news, but it is actually distorted news.

An expert computer user made the discovery that WD Gold when in use for storage alone, after of 5 minutes inactivity they do activate spin-down.

But when any HDD it is used as storage for the operating system, and especially with Windows 7 and higher, there is no such thing as HDD inactivity.
The operating system keeps the HDD always slightly busy, with windows diagnostics and log generation as background tasks.

New revision of motherboards year 2013 and higher they do support in full all windows power saving modes.
New revision of motherboards year 2013 and higher INTEL RAID capable they support Link Power Down and INTEL RST software has special relative function about Enable / Disable.

In summary, the original complain this is insignificant and limited at the application of HDD this used for plain storage.
For windows users, one software developer made a software, this generates a text file every few minutes, under a programmable schedule, this will keep awake any HDD.

From the other hand, if you have or use NON-Windows operating system, you will be unable to use it.
The users of Windows Operating system, they have significant number of tools about controlling HDD power management.
AHCI Mode has basic windows power management.
RAID-Mode has basic windows power management + INTEL RST array software control (Link Power Down).

So all the helpless of this issue they run Linux? Best regards at your useless penguin. :rofl: