WD external My Passport HDD not detecting

  1. When I connect WD external HDD in disk management it shows “Connecting to Virtual Disk Service”. But when I remove the WD external HDD or connect the other HDD that I have then it shows all the disks properly.

  2. When I connect the WD external HDD it is showing in device manager and even the drivers are up to date.

  3. Disk drive letter is showing but it is not opening.

  4. I am getting the option to eject the HDD in the taskbar.

  5. The light is blinking on the HDD.

  6. The cord is also working fine.

So with all the above observations, the issue is that the HDD is not opening.

Hi @NileshThorve,

Please refer below link to test health of your drive using Western Digital Drive utility:

Title: Setting up and using WD Drive Utilities
Link: Setting up and using WD Security and WD Drive Utilities

I have the same problem, and neither Western Digital Drive utility or Dashboard is able to locate the drive. What do I do now?