WD Essential 3TB and Windows XP 32

Good morning,

Could anybody confirm if a WD Essential 3TB (WDBACW0030HBK-NESN) would be recognize by a Windows XP 32 bits with SP3?

I have read some threads here but I don’t manage to get the right answer.

Thanks in advance!

AIUI, WD’s 3TB external USB drives are configured with 4KB LBAs so they should work with Windows XP right out of the box.

WD’s brochure lists Windows XP as a supported OS:

The following datasheet specifically mentions the 3TB model and Win XP:

Thanks fzabkar!

Yes I read that, but found same people here complaining it would work only in 64bit and that the disk should be formatted with GPT, so I was not truly sure if would work or not in my machine.

Thanks again!

Hi ninguo!

Is it working in you?

I also have a 3TB My Book Essential, but I also worried.

A guy from the hungarian MS tech support said me on phone that I miht be trouble with a 3TB drive even if I make 2 partitions.

I don’t buy it yet, cause I’m worried it would not work (different experience for different users :frowning: )