WD My Book Essential 3TB is working with Windows Xp SP3?

I bought that drive cause saw that is working good with Windows Xp! You can read that at the page of the product!

I was thinking that drive was plug and play…

But when i set it to my computer auto install never complete…

He asking me for driver!!

I try to my second PC (laptop with Windows Xp SP3 complete, like my PC) and i had the same problem…

I check with some HD programms and hard disk is good with no problem!

I also try to Windows 7 and external hard disk is working good, with auto driver!

I want to ask, is there any way to play with Wndows XP?? (maybe some manual driver or something else??)

I went to the shop i bought it and they can do nothing for that, there is no compatibility with Windows Xp they said to me!

And i will attach 2 images what i see to my Windows XP 
This is how hard disk is in "My Computer) (only 7,46 MB)
WD My Book - 1.jpg

And this is what i see when i double click to my had disk!
I can press only Exit and if i press it, i just close that window and nothing more!

Hi, you should be able to make it work with the steps on the following link:

“Hard drives greater than 2 TB do not work on existing operating systems.”


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And if i understan right…

I have to do 2 partitions of  my drive with some Operating System that it can see over 2 TB, like XP 64x, 07 etc…

Thank you very much!!