WD Essential 1TB drive stopped working


Since yesterday it can’t be recognized in windows 7. For several times it said “uknown device”, but afterwards it just can’t see it. 

I tried everything I could: changes USB cables, ports and PC to connect it with.

It seems like piece of case electronics failed.

I opened the case and connected the drive as SATA drive in PC. The drive looks normal, but windows can’t see partition.

Now, I never set any password on the drive. Stil, I read here: 

](/t/corrupted-mbr-1tb-mybook-essential/2480)that every drive is encrypted by default.

Is there anything I can do to recover my data now that case electronics is faulty and disk itself is OK?

Mayve WD has some tool to help in such situations?

Any help is very welcommed!


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You only chance to recover the files yourself, is to put the hard drive back to the case and check if it is recognized in the disk management window so you can use a data recovery program. If it’s not recognized, then you need professional help.

What’s happening now? And what has happened in the past two weeks?

Well, I gave up.

I reformated drive in normal USB case and using it as it should be used in the first place.

I kept only backups there so I had no problems filling it up with data.

I must say I was very suprised when realized my data is encrypted and dependent on piece of electronic board inside WD case.

In the I was left with my data locked and no solution to recover it.

It will surely have large impact on my decision which USB disk to buy next time.

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No storage device, no matter how simple or complex is to be fully trusted. I always recommend purchasing 2 drives, different models from different mfg. to help avoid issues like this. Not with the reliability as it is…

Only drives that come with Smartware are hardware encrypted. Elements is a simple plug and play drive.