WD Essentials 3TB 'Big Problem"

I have the WD Essentials 3TB USB 3.0 (WD30EZRX).  I was backing up files from my PC when it got knocked over and fell about 30 inches on to carpet.  The recepticle for the power supply broke off inside.  I opened the plastic shell, took drive out, and put it in an external case, and hooked it up.  I heard the drive spinning, but nothing showed up on the PC.  Searched on YouTube, and found info on the Sabrent USB 2.0 To SATA / IDE Hard Drive Adapter, which I bought.  Hooked up.  Everything lights up (the cable).  Nothing.   The drive DOES show up under disk management, but not on desktop.  It says the drive not initialized, and 2794.52GB is unallocated.  I do (did?) have about 1TB already on the drive.  I’ve used some other utilities that say the drive is healthy.  I bought a new WD 4TB drive, bought would like to “try” to salvage what is on the the 3TB.  Ideas?   Thanks in advance.

First a drive that has been dropped is problably physically damaged and beyond do it yourself recovery. Second drives that come with Smartware are hardware encrypted. You can’t recover the data in a different case or as an internal drive because it will still be encrypted even if you get the drive recognized. You might find a bridge bopard on Ebay this link explains a bit about matching the cards  http://community.wd.com/t5/Off-Topic-Discussions/Bridge-Boards/td-p/353839  


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