WD Elements strange (but good) benchmark results... how?


I recently purchased two external USB 3.0 HDD both 3TB capacity, one is WD Elements WDBU6Y0030BBK (I also found this drive should be inside WD30NMZW-11GX6S1) and other one is Toshiba Canvio Ready.

I made a lot of benchmarks to compare them (as I usually do with each drive I purchase) and if the Toshiba showed standard results for such HDD I’ve got unexpected good result for WD Elements that I cannot explain, may be someone can provide an explanation.

Unexpected good results are :

  • constant read speed over the 3TB surface, unsual and should not be possible on HDD only SSD allow this.

  • small block size write access 10 times better than standard HDD

  • head seek access time very low

Here are the screenshots of the benchmarks, hope someone can find an answer, I tried to find the tech spec of the WD Blue HDD inside the WD Elements enclosure but could not find any, is it possible this drive is a mixed HDD+SSD that could explain some of the results whenever it do not explain how it could perform constant reading speeding over all the disk size.