WD Elements SE

I’m trying to find the manual for my external hard drive and can’t even seem to find the item itself online. Could someone please help me confirm if this a right part number or if letters have been confused with numbers or numbers have been confused with letters? I really need a manual. Thanks.


Model Number is Incorrect … OO should be 00 ie. Zero’s not the Letter ‘O’


WDBEPK0010BBK-WESN (don’t worry about “WESN” it’s just a product code ie. W=Worldwide E=External SN=Standard)

I’m not sure why you need a User Manual ? … Just, plug the drive into a USB port on a device and that’s it, ready to go.

Example: here’s a User Manual for a WD Elements Portable … 2 Steps :

Step1. Plug the USB Cable into the WD Elements
Step2. Plug the other end into a USB Port on a Device eg. PC or Laptop.

Thank you, JoeySmyth, for the information. I’m new at having an external hard drive and I’m not quite sure I understand all the instructions. I have an older computer and am quite often having to reset it, due to some type of issues like slowness and other issues. Whenever I reset my computer, I’m not sure if I need to format the WD Element each time or leave it as is. Also, when I plug in my WD Element and want to format it, the C Drive shows the most gigabytes, not the ESB Drive, so I’m not sure which to format. Do you or others have complete easy instructions for this? I do not want to mistakenly format the wrong drive. Thank you and all others in advance. :slight_smile:
Sincerely, Chormy2019

Sounds like a serious computer problem … time to get someone to look at it or buy a new computer

Formatting erases everything on the hard drive … so, no, you don’t want to be doing that (leave it “as is”)

What capacity is your WD Elements SE Hard drive ?

If it’s 500GB the Total Size in Windows will be 465GB
If it’s 1TB the Total Size in Windows will be 931GB
If it’s 2TB the Total Size in Windows will be 1.81TB
If it’s 3TB the Total Size in Windows will be 2.72TB
If it’s 4TB the Total Size in Windows will be 3.63TB

Another simple way is when you “Safely Remove” the Hard drive from Windows … it’s will display the model name along with the drive letter assigned to it … example

If you’re really unsure … then download, install and use WD Quick Formatter and it will detect the hard drive and display the name “WD Elements SE” in the “drive to be formatted” list.


Thank you so much. :slight_smile: