WD Elements SE

I’m trying to find the manual for my external hard drive and can’t even seem to find the item itself online. Could someone please help me confirm if this a right part number or if letters have been confused with numbers or numbers have been confused with letters? I really need a manual. Thanks.


Model Number is Incorrect … OO should be 00 ie. Zero’s not the Letter ‘O’


WDBEPK0010BBK-WESN (don’t worry about “WESN” it’s just a product code ie. W=Worldwide E=External SN=Standard)

I’m not sure why you need a User Manual ? … Just, plug the drive into a USB port on a device and that’s it, ready to go.

Example: here’s a User Manual for a WD Elements Portable … 2 Steps :

Step1. Plug the USB Cable into the WD Elements
Step2. Plug the other end into a USB Port on a Device eg. PC or Laptop.