WD Elements Play use as plex server

I need to get up to date and i have used a WD Elements Play for movie storage for years, it is quite an old one with a part number of: WDBACC0020HBK-00

I use plex to share my movies to my Roku on my TV by using my macbook but its not ideal, then i remmembered that i had the WD

Is there a way of putting plex on it so i can use it as a stand alone machine attached to my network?

It does have a network socket on

The WD Elements Play has no Networking Capabilities

You cannot install Software on it either

If the you mean the “WD TV Play” ? … then it only has DLNA Streaming (Network Shares Not Supported)

and you still can’t install Software on that either

You can install PLEX on a Computer and serve it that way i guess … but then, it’s not Standalone then is it ?

P.S. [quote=“g4jnw, post:1, topic:150225”]
I need to get up to date … it is quite an old one
is a bit of a contradiction when it comes to tech … ya think ?

Thats that ruled out, i’ll just use it as an external hard drive then, no its not a tv play its earlier than that its an WD elements play, it does have a network socket on the side but never used it, it also has mini usb, and hdmi etc, although its old it is fast.
Will look for a different solution - Thanks

Hate to break the news to you … but it’s a USB Port, not a Network Socket :wink:

haha told you i had never plugged it in, sorry my mistake.