I’ve just purchased a 1TB WD Elements Play. Great hard drive, great multimedia software. The only thing that bothers me is that it doesn’t have WiFi or an Ethernet port. Is there any way I can “make” it a NAS, using some kind of hub or something?

If any of you knows the answer, I’d be happy to hear.

Thanks in advance,


You could make it a NAS using a Pogoplug or something like that.

But note that It can’t be a NAS and a player at the same time…

Nor would that allow the WD to access OTHER network resources.

It wasn’t designed for that.   If you want storage AND network in the same box, the WDTV Live Hub is the only box that does that.

Doesn’t matter, I only want my computer to access the WD, so I don’t need to plug it out of my TV when I want to update it.

But what you are saying is that if I want to use the WD as a media player, I always need to remove this Pogoplug first or it wouldn’t work?

Wouldn’t it be easier to buy a huge USB cable so I can connect it to my PC easily?


Well, either way…  But USB has a length limit.

But any time the USB HOST port is active, the WD cannot play media.  It goes into “SLAVE” mode.