WD elements play firmware problem

Well hello all,

I have tried to download firmware from http://www.wdc.com/wdproducts/updates/?family=wdfElements_Play_G2

but when i click download now, it just reopens page in new tab?!?!?

But, that is 1.00.10, and my current firmware according to settings on my WD EP is 1.01.10… am I out of date, or what???

Please help…

You’re probably looking at the wrong one.  You need to compare your MODEL NUMBER.

If you are already have 1.01.10, then you have a EP Gen 1, and that is the latest version for the Gen1.

If you have the G2, then you would be on 1.00.09, which is what it shipped with.

It appears that WD is going to launch upgrade to 1.00.10 for the GEN 2 very soon.