WD Elements - is it dying?


I bought an WD Elements (2TB) for about 2 years ago.

Now lately, it’s been messing with me. I often have to replug the HDD for it to  work, as it become corrupted or I get the error “I:\ Not accessable, invalid parameter”.

But now the last two days, it’s been totally ruined.

It freeze for some seconds when I use it, and many applications (like WD Lifeguard(?)) won’t even run tests on it.

I’ve used CrystalDiskMark, and with the default values, it won’t measure the speed of the disc. (5 turns, 1000mb.)
But if I set it down to 5 turns and 100mb, it shows that the disc’s R/W is 6/4mb/s. (It is plugged in a USB2.0-port.)

So what’s the matter here? Can I repair this somehow? CHKDSK with sector-scanning would take weeks (since it’s 2tb?).

Can I format the HDD and make it work again, or is it physically broken?

EDIT: Let me add that when the disk freeze, the whole computer freeze. And sometimes if I plug it in, it takes like 5-10 minutes before it comes up available in “my computer”, and if I list disks or use any applications that reads the disks, they freeze untill I plug it out.


You can try writing zeros using WD DLG

If this does not work then I recommend you get it replaced.

But that means that I have to format and remove everything on my disc, right?


Yes, Writing zeros will delete everything from your drive.