WD Elements 5TB turning on and off

I’ve just got my WD Elements 5TB.

I only need it 1-2x a week, it’s purely for backup. It works as it should from the moment you plug it into the USB port and electricity.

Considering I only need it maybe twice a week I’m going to turn it off after each use as I don’t see the point of it running for no reason.

If I unmount it in win7 and than press the back button, the hard drive stops spinning and the front white light is slowly blinking.

But how am I suppose to turn it back on?? Pressing on the same button (from what I see it is the only button on the external drive) does absolutely nothing. Holding it for a couple of seconds…still nothing. If I unplug it from power and plug it back, it turns on normaly, windows recognize it and all is well.

Is my unit broken? Is there another way of turning it on? Please help :slight_smile:

Hello there, welcome to the community. As far as I remember, you don’t need to turn it off because the drive will go into sleep mode once not used after X amount of minutes.