WD elements 3tb auto power on/off :(

The external hard drive connected to the usb 3.0 expansion card ( http://www.transcend-info.com/Products/No-283 )auto starts (power on) every time when i start the computer, when i shut down it power off my external hard drive .
How to disable this function?
I want to manualy turn on / off my external hard disk . ( WD elements 3tb )

I think i forgot to mention that the external drive has its on power supply and power on/off button.
When i connect to an usb 2.0 port this not happen .
If connected to usb3.0 it power  on the hard drive when i turn on my pc, despite i dont turn
the external drive on (using the swith).
I looked in the power settings but there you have only the option to prevent the hd going in stand by.

Looked also in the bios but there i can only enable/disable the usb ust controller.


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While this may not be happening on USB 2.0 ports, a method to confirm if this behavior is related to the expansion card is by using your WD Elements with a USB 2.0 (Micro) cable. If it shuts down as well, then the controller card itself is sending a turn-off command to attached devices.

Thanks for the reply, but its not an answer that gonna solve the problem…

If i connected to the usb 2.0 (that i not figured that out myself ^^ ) it not happen but the i wont have the fast speed

of usb 3.0 …  thats why i buy a usb3.0 expansion card to have faster speeds in transfer.

Any other sugestion?


My next suggestion would be testing the hard drive using a different USB 3.0 controller or computer with a native USB 3.0 port.

Ok , i will try it on another computer with a native usb3 and check what happen.

Il will post the result as soon as i know :slight_smile:


I also contacted the support from transcend but no good answer at the moment.