WD Element (4 TB) – Power On – Off.Not Working

The HDD works when it is connected but does not connect at boot time – and the Power on-off button doesn’t work.

I saw the thread for the WD Element topic (and the WDC link concerning HDD’s that don’t “spin up” when powered from a full power strip – but I tried it plugging into the wall –

I had a previous 4 TB (received as a gift last Christmas) which I finally returned via warranty (RMA #88601939) but the replacement seems to have the same problem – WDC quality?

I have found that when the HDD doesn’t “connect”, I can get it to work by disconnecting the USB connection, then reconnecting. Writing and reading files then works with no problem. If I remove the HDD (using Windows safe removal icon) then what to use the HDD later, I have to go through the USB disconnect/reconnect process.

I would expect that the Power on-off button (on the back of the unit) would basically turn the HDD on and off – but it doesn’t seem to have any effect.

Any suggestions?