WD Elements 2TB Desktop Runs All The Time

Hi Guys.

Just purchased 2 WD Element 2tb "TB Desktop External Hard Drives.

I was told they sleep or hibernate when not in use.

Not sure if I am not doing something correct but they run all the time my computer is on and only go off when I shut down my computer.

I dont use my external hardrives much and want them to sleep when not in use and cut in when I want them.

How do I set this feature up ?

I run W7.

Kind Regards


Hi there, when the computer is off, do you feel the drive vibrating or does the light only blink?

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Hi Ya.

No the External Hard drive comes on (spins with lights) with my main computer and goes off with it in parellel.

I thought it was supposed to idle/sleep if not requested.

I only store my music on it but dont want it running all the time.

I pull the mains plug at the moment to shut it up.