WD Elements 2TB won`t back up

Hello, I just got a new 2TB WD Elements external HD after using a 500gig passport. The Smartware software recognizes the new drive, and allows me to commence a back up ( but only after I opted for the free trial upgrade to the Smartware Pro ) however, once the enable back up button is clicked, nothing seems to happen. The yellow blocks on the left of the screen do not decrease as they should, the progress bar shows no activity and no information is copied to the right of the screen. Please help me out, I need to back up sooner rather than later and this 2TB drive was expensive.
Edit …Ok, after re-installing the software, and attempting back up several times - back up did indeed work. It took over half an hour for the back up to begin moving information to the external HD, which has not been my experience in the past with my other drive, other answers on this board will also show you that a new drive needs time to get going ( with more technical detail no doubt ) so my advice is to start it off then just leave it alone, go have a nice dinner or something.

I’m glad this has been resolved.