WD SmartWare Backup tab greyed out - can't backup files


I’ve just bought a new 4TB Elements drive. I can’t seem to use WD SmartWare to back up my files, as the Backup tab is greyed out, and it wants me to install WD SmartWare Pro (which incidentally doesn’t seem to exist). I just want to do what I’ve always done, and use WD SmartWare as before (I use it routinely for several other external WD drives).

Any help much appreciated.


@asdf Does your Elements drive show in the Home tab? If yes, have you chosen it as where you want to backup to?

In SmartWare see the Help tab>Backup.


Thanks for replying. Yes, it’s there in the Home tab, but it has a Key symbol on the drive’s icon, which I suppose indicates that I need to buy the non-existent SmartWare Pro, before I can use it! I have had the drive for a few weeks, so it defaulted to SmartWare Pro for the 30-day trial period. This has now expired, and I can’t backup the drive any more. Pretty frustrating, to say the least.


Further digging implies that my WD Elements Drive is not supported by SmartWare, but is supported by the fictitious SmartWare Pro. Ie it’s not possible to backup the drive using WD software. I have contacted their Support to see if they can help. Otherwise I’ll be expecting a refund from WD!


Did you you ever own pro and get.a activation code for it?


Nope! I tried putting in a random code but it didn’t accept it.