WD Elements 2TB disc not showing on iMac desktop


Am able to see WD Elements 2TB external drive on disc utility (on iMac OS El Capitan 10.11.3) but not on desktop. Info in disc utility indicates it is full - but it wasn’t - and that it isn’t verifiable, bootable or repairable. This happened after placing some large files on it - but not more than the capacity.

Any ideas on how to recover the drive / data? I’ve got this far by looking through threads but don’t know what to do next.


Does the unit work in another computer? If data recovery is a concern then it would be best to contact a certified data recovery service company for analysis.

I am also having trouble with my 2TB external drive. Also since I upgraded to El Capitan. Thanks for the recovery info but this doesn’t solve the underlying problem. Is there any way to fix the problem between the drive and the Mac OS?