WD Elements 2TB - Can this be partitioned to support FAT or exFAT?

As per the title guys/gals:

I have just received my WD Elements 2TB through the post from Amazon today, but I have just found out that too backup the hard drive on my playstation 4, it needs to be either FAT or exFAT as the drive is not recognised by the PS4 - Can this be reformatted to support FAT or exFAT ?, then after I’ve done the back up and restore, convert it back to support NTFS as I will use it regularly to backup my windows 7 laptop ?

Can I partition off say 750gb or 1TB so that its FAT32 formatted and leave the remaining space so that its by default NTFS ?


Hello there,

You can format the drive in ex Fat and FAT 32, this should not be a problem with this drive, here is a link that might help you with the formatting procedure: