WD Elements- exFATand NTFS partitions


I’ve just purchased 5 TB external disk- WD Elements.
I want to partition it in to 2 partitions- one NFTS for my Windows files (Windows 7) and another exFAT for my Playstation 4 data.
Is there any option to do that?

Thank you!


The partitions are Windows functions. Go to Computer Management and Disk Management. I think you can do both formats.


You do realize if you’re using your 5TB with PlayStation 4 as “Extended Storage” ie. Games / Apps Installation … the PS4 will Format the Entire Hard Drive for use as Extended Storage (and you won’t be able to use it in Windows 7)

Dual Partitions are not supported on PS4 for Extended Storage.

But, if you’re just using the 5TB for media eg. Movies / Pictures / Music … then just format the entire hard drive exFAT … as Windows 7 and the PlayStation 4 will both recognize that format.

I have a 2TB WD Elements USB3.0 hard drive formatted exFAT with VR Media for playback on PS4/PSVR and Windows 7 also recognizes the hard drive without any issues.

Hi liudmilami ,

You can use the link below.


Thanks for your suggestions.

I decided to format it exFat.



Hi liudmilami ,

We appreciate your feedback.