WD 2TB Elements not supporting NTFS?

I just bought a 2TB WD Elements portable hard drive, and it has a sticker which states.

  1. During formatting process, our hard disk will choose exFat automatically as default effecient format. Please DO NOT select NTFS manually, this format is not supported by our hard disk, will cause disk crash?

When I purchased this it advertised NTFS would be the default format, but it seems this does not support NTFS which I find really odd. Is this for real?

That is unusual and I have not seen that on a disk before. USB sticks use exFAT typically but they are file system indifferent.

I’ve bought 6x 2TB WD Elements Portables … 2 of them just recently (about 4 weeks ago)

NONE of them came with a sticker claiming such rubbish.

Of course you can format them NTFS or FAT32 or exFAT etc. whatever takes your fancy.

From memory mine were factory formatted exFAT and GPT (GUID Partition Table)

For my purposes i needed NTFS and MBR Partition Table … so i formatted the drive accordingly, and it works perfectly for what i need.

Here is a picture as you can see. It’s says NTFS is not supported which is very contradicting haha.

Looks like you bought a FAKE WD hard drive … where did you buy it from ?

i’ll bet it was really cheap … too good to be true, like wish.com :wink:

Genuine WD Elements don’t have stickers like that.

The only “sticker” has the Brand, Product Name, Country of Manufacture, Model and Serial Number … which your’s doesn’t have by the looks of the photo.

Here’s a photo of my WD 2TB Elements Portable purchased from a Major Retail Store (ie not Online) about 3 weeks ago. (have blurred out the Serial Number, because that’s my warranty)

Also noticed your’s is missing the rubber feet.

If you open your fake hard drive … it’ll probably look something like this


What does a real one look like inside? Thanks for the reply.