WD Elements 2TB backup


I want to set up backup from WD Elements to PC but computer offer just to set up backup from PC to WD Elements.
Is there some solutions to make this? May be some additional software for WD Elements ?




As far as I know the WD Elements does not come with any WD software but you should be able to use the Windows backup tool.

Take a look at this article even though it’s for network drives.


Thanx for your reply

Unfortunatelly Windows offer to make backup from internal disks to external only.
But I need to keep all my audio/photo/video collection 24hrs online and have backup in some other place. For me would be ok to keep collection on PC and backup on WD Elements (connected to the router) but in that case I can’t from any device go to WD and open any mp3, jpeg, mkv or avi because files are unreadable.