What Backup software to use with WD Element

I tried to back up data/pictures in my laptop’s hard drive to a new 4 GB WD Element using MS backup, but the process stalled twice after 15 minutes. I didn’t know that I can’t use WD Smartware which came with my 2 TB Mybook for Element and I have red from CNET that  WD Smartware Pro does not work very well (?). So, besides those two aforementioned software, what backup software do you reccommend, Acronis?

Welcome to the WD Community.

The WD Elements, does not come with any particular backup software. 

You should be able to use this unit with most of the third party software. You shouldn’t have any issues with the windows backup since the elements is a plug and play unit. 

As a recommendation, make sure that you computer is running the latest updated available.