WD Elements 1 TB portable, working very slow


I have WD Elements 1 TB portable drive. I am using from last 1 year and it is working perfectly. Yesterday, suddenly it is working very slow. When I connect it with my notebook, it took 5 min to show the drive. I can not copy/delete any files it took so much time. Please, anyone, tell me what should I do? because I have very important that  I need for my research.


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As a recommendation, test the unit using the DLG tool from the WD Site. 

If possible take the information out of the drive to avoid data loss.

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Thanks for your reply. Actually, i can not save anything too because to save 1 GB data it took 5 hours… and i have 900GB data… I am more worried a folder which is not opening and gives me error Capture.PNG"


As a recommendation, try contacting WD Support for direct assistance.

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