Wd Element Player

Recently i have bought we element paly 1tb i want know what is the diffrence between wd TV Live media player and element player .Is there any video out put result diffrence or boht are giving the same result?


WHICH other WD Media Player?   There’s at least six other players out there…

Since OXTER took care of deleting the duplicate posts, the question now makes sense.

The Elements Play CANNOT be connected to a network.  The Elements Play contains an internal hard drive, and can only play video from it or a single USB-attached drive.

The WDTV Live CAN be attached to a network, and can make use of HUGE amounts of NETWORK-storage, media servers, and rich internet content in various forms.   The Live does NOT have a built-in HD, but you can use USB-attached hard drives to add local storage.   The Live+ adds PREMIUM services such as NetFlix, BlockBuster, CinemaNow, etc, to US markets.

The Elements Play is based on the same firmware and hardware as the WDTV Mini:  The AmLogic chipset.

The WDTV Live, Live+, Live Hub, and WDTV HDs, are all based on a SIGMA chipset, which many would say is a more capable platform.

All LIVE products are DTS capable.  The EP is NOT.  

BOTH players support 1080p on HDMI.   The LIVE series can do 1080i and lower on component.

The Elements Play cannot do component video at all, so if you want anything better than 480i quality video with the Elements Play, you MUST use HDMI.

Does that help?

But the Video Out Put result is same

They are two different systems with two different hardware platforms, two different software / firmware baselines…  

They are the same in that they both give a PICTURE, but anything else with regard to quality would be a subjective opinion.

And MY opinion is that the LIVE products are much better quality,

I agree. I have had both systems - (I now have a TViX S1 Slim with a 2TB internal disk) but I have kept my Elements Play 2TB as a backup disk and to play movies, tv shows, etc.  in my bedroom. On a smaller screen (26"), you don’t notice much difference, but on a larger screen (42" plus) I did notice a difference in the picture quality, the Live being better.