WD Easystore drive not recognized Windows 10 SOLVED

I have had the same problem everyone else is having. My Easystore drive is not recognized by WD Backup in Windows 10. The drive is recognized in Windows but external Easystore drive does not see it. After a long time of trying to find an answer to this I stumbled upon at least one answer to resolve this. I was thinking about reinstalling Windows on an HP G2 I7 laptop that is a refurbished unit I have had for 6 months. When I mounted the Windows 10 install image and started the install I got a message to the effect of you cannot keep your apps and data with this install because the Windows installation configuration on your laptop is not supported by MS. So I backed up everything and blew the existing Windows 10 away. Then reinstalled using a downloaded Windows 10 Pro image. The message from the Windows install telling me that the configuration was not supported was a huge clue and it turned out i was right. WD backup now installs and can see all my external WD drives. Hope this helps somebody else.