WD DVR Expander and Directv

I have a WD1000F032 DVR Expander that was connected to a Directv HR20 DVR. I was having problems with the DVR so I exchanged it. I need to figure out how to reformat it so I can reuse it with the new HR24. I know they are compatible because I have 4 DVRS each with an WD expander on it.

I do not have an additional eSata port on my XPS computer to reformat with my computer. There is a square hole in the back of the expander. Is this a reset switch in there somewhere for this model? Not getting any help when I call in other than connect it to your computer via eSata.

If the DVR won’t reformat it for you, your only option is connecting it to your PC (or someone else’s).

No, the square hole is not a reset switch. It’s for a security lock.

How do you know if the DVR reformatted it? I recorded a few items, but it seemed the hours recorded took the percentage down too far, so I assumed it wasn’t on the expander, but just on the DVR? 1TB says it’s about 200 hours (of HD? content? I believe so.)

Thanks for the response. I supposed I’ll have to take it to a computer repair shop for reformatting.

I’ve been googling stuff, you don’t need to reformat it per se… just delete all the partitions.
It’s really surprising the DVR won’t do that itself –

Have you tried to contact your cable company? They will know the capabilities of your box better than anyone here would.