DVR Expander Losing Disk Space?

I’ve a 500mb WD DVR Expander attached to a Scientific Atlanta DVR for over a year now and everything has been working fine. Something happened the other day where the Expander was disconnected from the DVR without going through the proper shutdown sequence and as a result all previously recorded shows are still displayed in the recorded list but are not playable. This is unfortunate but is not the real issue.

After much fiddling and numerous retries I finally have the Expander being recognized. I deleted all shows prior to the mishap and now have a total of 12 hours in the list and is showing 7% full. This means I only have about 192 hours available on the Expander, not the 340 hours or so I used to have. Why am I losing disk space on the Expander? Do I need to defrag the disk? I am not recording HD.

Did you ever get help with this?  Since there’s been no replies, maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this. You can do so either by phone or email.

To Contact WD for Technical Support