WD DVR Expander and Directv

I have a 1tb dvr expander that had been connected to an HR21 -  no problems.  I have since replaced the HR 21 and have tried to connect the expander to an HR20. So far the HR20 has not recognized the drive when connected.  I undestand that due to copyprotection software the dvr expander must be reformatted before it will connect to another dvr, how can I reformat this drive?  I have tried connecting it to my laptop via esata port but it won’t assign a drive letter.

The partitions on those drives are proprietary.   Your PC won’t be able to manage them.   I would suggest calling DirecTV first to make sure your HD20 is able to use that expander.

Delete the partition on the drive.  Then connect it to the DVR in strict accordance to the setup guide.  The DVR should bring up the option to format the drive for it.  If this doesn’t happen then you need to contact the company that made the DVR to make sure that this drive is compatible, or if you need a firmware update.